Markfield Day Nursery


Full menu available on request

All our meals are prepared by our in-house cook.

We have the highest Food Hygiene rating of 5.

Breakfast - Toast and cereal

Morning snack - Fresh fruit

Afternoon snack - Sweet / savoury biscuit

Lunch time meals 1-17 on a rolling rota.

Spaghetti bolognaise, Chicken tikka masala, Jacket potatoes, Fish Bake, sausage and chips, chicken pasta bake, Pizza and salad, Roast beef, Lamb cottage pie, Chicken pie, Roast pork, Chicken fricassee, Gammon steaks, Salmon fish fingers, Roast turkey, cheese and potato pie, meat loaf. All served with pudding 

Tea (also served at after school)- Sandwiches with ham, turkey, egg mayonaise, cheese, tuna, 

Always served with carrot and cucumber sticks and accompaniment- Cheese and pineapple, home made potato salad, home made coleslaw, rice salad, hard boiled eggs, cheese triangles, pickled onions, baby gherkins, pizza, malt loaf, cheese strips, pasta salad, bread sticks. 

The milk served at nursery is organic full fat. 

All dietary requirements are catered for.