Markfield Day Nursery

2017 Opening Times and Prices

The nursery is currently full - if you would like to be added to our waiting list please e-mail your details.

Nursery is open from 7.30am - 6.00pm Monday - Friday

Price includes Pampers nappies, Johnson's wipes, nappy cream, Baby milk, Pull ups

Apart from the 'free government sessions'; all food, drinks and snacks are included in price at nursery

Early start 7.30am - 8am - £2.70 each (free to all full time children)

Morning Session 8am - 12.50pm - £26.00 each

Afternoon Session 1.10pm - 6.00pm - £26.00 each

Full Day 8am - 6.00pm - £52.00 each

Government Funded session food  3 and 4 year olds- £2.50 per session to cover food

Government Funded session food  2 year olds- £1.20 per session to cover food Free Places 


4 or more sessions per week - 7% discount

10 sessions per week, full time - 20% discount

2nd and 3rd elder siblings - 10% discount 

Note: Free government funded sessions are not subject to discounts


Child attending nursery for 4 sessions per week - £96.72 per week

Child attending nursery for 10 sessions (full time + free early starts)  - £208.00 per week

Funded Child attending nursery for 4 sessions per week using 10 hours of funding for 51 weeks per year -£57.00 per week 


School Children (Mercenfeld and Charnwood Children)- session prices do not include food - this is an optional extra

Breakfast Club at Markfield Library (next door to Mercenfeld) 7.30am - 8.45am - £4.52 per day

Optional Breakfast - £1.85

Afterschool 3pm - 4pm £4.94 per day

Afterschool 3pm - 5pm £8.79 per day

Afterschool 3pm - 6pm £11.60 per day

Optional Meal Deal £2.50

Full time price for child attending all morning sessions and all afternoon sessions till 6pm - £75.00 per week (excluding food)

10% discount for 2nd and 3rd elder child - including nursery children

No discounts for food for any child.

Newtown Linford School - Prices as above + 5% surcharge for transportation. 

Tuesday after school full for Newtown due to space on Minibus.

Breakfast - £4.75 per day 

Afterschool 3pm - 4pm £5.19 per day
Afterschool 3pm - 5pm £9.23 per day
Afterschool 3pm - 6pm £12.18 per day

School Holiday Cover

7.30am - 6pm

£2.20 per hour + optional food (Breakfast £1.85, Lunch and Tea £2.50 each)

All prices are vat exempt. 

Please e-mail for any pricing calculations you require.